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Sport holidays in Val di Fassa

Summer Camp sport and nature holiday in Val di Fassa.

Multisport Camp in the Mountains

Since 1985 a holiday for the young combinig a great number of sports and so much good fun.

The cooperation between Union Hotels Canazei Campitello di Fassa and Sports Promotion began on 1995 with sports holidays in Fassa Valley.

Qualified instructors and more than 35 different sports disciplines are waiting for you! You will be able to approach or specialize in a variety of exciting sports day after day, all surrounded by the fantastic natural setting offered by Val di Fassa (Dolomiti Trentine mountains).

The sports disciplines will take place every day on a rotation basis for all the participants, with 2 to 4 hour long sessions.

Tournaments, games, walking, treasure hunt, magic, theatre, dancing will animate the days, filling our memories of a kaleidoscope of unforgettable images.

Particular attention will be paid to the naturalistic aspects of the life in the mountains, especially for the younger participants: thanks to the support of alpine guides and natural science instructors it will be possible to study the dolomite rocks geology, the typical flora and fauna of Val di Fassa, the history and culture of the Ladins – the local population – and so on, all with the opportunity to admire the great Dolomite mountains “catch fire” at sunset.

During the summer in Canazei Campitello di Fassa there will be 6 periods of 6 days each, for children and teenagers.

Who is Sports Promotion ?

Amateur Sports Association

Sport & Holidays was born in 1985 thanks to the initiative of a group of physical education teachers, sports trainers, federal teachers and instructors from the provinces of Milan, Varese, Como, Bergamo and Novara. It was in answer to the needs of children and their families for a non-competitive sports holiday based on enjoyment, group activity surrounded by nature, and friendship amongst those present. During the first few years, the activities carried out in rotation in the camp were mainly volley ball, football, basket ball, tennis and swimming, but, over the years new and different sporting activities have been added, such as fencing, rock climbing, mountain-bike, baseball, in-line skating, snorkelling, golf and karate… and many others.
Sport & Holidays activities have always been held in splendid mountain venues and since 2003 also at the seaside for an enjoyable holiday “on the beach”. The programmes are arranged in such a way that those taking part will never have an idle moment; every moment of the day being filled with games, sport disciplines or technical theory explained and put into practice.

Meals are planned in advance by Dr. Marco Tosi, a co-ordinator of the technical staff with a degree in Nutritional Science, in such a way that they correspond perfectly to the needs of the young people in our camps.
From 2002 onwards, Sport & Holidays have welcomed families and adults to the Camp with proposals to meet the needs and requests of the over 19’s and the under 60’s.
Over the years, Sport and Holidays have also come up with other ideas for Sports holidays based on a deeper analysis and the technical tuition of a single discipline. Thus plans for a single-theme camp and pre-championship and pre-agonistic retreats have been organised, as well as new relationship of collaboration with important structures, such as Italian dance schools, both classical and contemporary; the organization of camps and masters with the Italian Federation of Volley ball; the presence, during our Camps, of the Italian and Chinese Junior female teams ; the Pre-Junior National teams of Italy and Brazil, all in preparation for the World Championships of their category (June-July 2005); the National Japanese, Brazilian and USA Junior Male Teams (June-July 2007) and, finally the National Pre-Junior Male Italian and Polish teams ; the Italian Fencing Federation for the organization of team work of the National Under 20’s Female Foil Fencing team (August-September 2005) and with the Italian Federation of Basket Ball for their participation (June-July 2006) of the National Junior Male teams of Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia and Germany and for the presence of the Women’s national teams from Italy and Russia.
Sports Promotion is a partner of the Italian Volley Ball Federation in the project studied in preparation for the World Men’s Championship in Rome in 2010.
Furthermore during 2007, 2008 and 2009 it organized, together with the Centro di Qualificazione Nazionale, courses for Athletics trainers and their assistants, 3rd level (A level) with the presence of the best qualified technicians in the whole of the Italian volleyball world. In June – July 2007 and 2008 it was responsible for all the training retreats of the top Italian Male athletes, June –July-August – September 2007 and 2008.

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